who do you worry about more? the modern man or the modern woman? which one is more under threat? (if either, if threat is the right word even.)

how many women do you know who are struggling to understand themselves and their place in the world,  their path and energy? do you see them reaching out in this quest? searching, talking, listening, even if they aren’t yet finding the answers. supported by the circles they’ve built and move within, that they feed from — as they should. fiercely. proudly.

and our men? they must struggle too no? in this world of positive change and female empowerment, how do men find their space for struggle, define their quest for self understanding?

what is their role? to whom do they turn to unearth their own meaning, their strengths? … when society and our archetypes have often given the role of communicator and connector to the feminine, to women.

how can men be strong, be supported, support each other, in ways that benefit us all?